Some Simple Tips and Tricks of Magento



How to Enable gzip compression in XAMPP ?

Steps to Enable Open c:\xampp20\apache\conf\httpd.conf file. Find and uncomment following lines by removing “#”.

Add below content in end of file.

Save file and Restart apache. 🙂 Verify compression Now you can verify by running Audit or… Continue Reading →

Delete Products from Magento Programatically

Delete Product from Magento Using Zend method

Using phpMyAdmin Execute command in phpMyAdmin or SQLClient

This will also cascade all attributes from eav tables. PS: Ratings and Reviews will not be deleted in this method, as these tables… Continue Reading →

Read spreadsheets using PHPExcel library in Magento

PHPExcel is pretty much cool tool which provide classes to generate spreadsheets or excel sheets in your PHP projects. Unfortunately Magneto doesn’t support for .xls or .xlsx file types for import and export. It only supports .csv format, but working… Continue Reading →

Magento unable to login to admin after install

Login attempted ? but Failed. Have you ever googled “Magento unable to login to admin after install“?. You must have ended up with commenting out few lines from 87 to 104 in “app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract\Varien.php” file. Very often we face the same… Continue Reading →

How to create custom log in Magento ?

By default Magento writes all logs in var/log/System.log almost all of the logs of Magento are being written in this file. So if you are creating a new extension and to debug some passing variables, you can create your own… Continue Reading →

How to get payment method used for order in Magento ?

Payment method is critical in order to create custom extension for orders, or for Mobile APIs to get order detailed information in Magento. e.g. billing address, shipping address, payment mode and tracking details. We can easily get these required data… Continue Reading →

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