Some Simple Tips and Tricks of Magento

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Clear Magento Cache programatically

Magento cache does caching system at many levels from Zend Framework, so as to boost up your Magento e-commerce store. Magento Cache avoids repetitive operations for your Magento. Magento cache includes configuration files(config.xml, local.xml), html files, web services xml files… Continue Reading →

Magento unable to login to admin after install

Login attempted ? but Failed. Have you ever googled “Magento unable to login to admin after install“?. You must have ended up with commenting out few lines from 87 to 104 in “app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Session\Abstract\Varien.php” file. Very often we face the same… Continue Reading →

How to install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) for Magento ( nginx + PHP-FPM )

APC (Alternative PHP Cache / Opcode Cache) is a opcode cache which can be used to reduce Disk I/O by caching your PHP code as well as user variables and cutting down repetitive PHP scripts and executing database scripts ,… Continue Reading →

How to post JSON data to an API with CURL in PHP?

Many of you may already know how to send data with CURL to an API in PHP. For those who don’t know this, let me share how this can be nicely done.

Hope you like this simple code to… Continue Reading →

How to convert Dropdown attribute into Multiselect attribute in Magento

Sometimes we have face client requirement to change some dropdown attribute (select attribute) into multiselect options. After a lot of coding and template designing in Magento it may look like a tough job to do. So today we will learn… Continue Reading →

How to create custom log in Magento ?

By default Magento writes all logs in var/log/System.log almost all of the logs of Magento are being written in this file. So if you are creating a new extension and to debug some passing variables, you can create your own… Continue Reading →

How to get payment method used for order in Magento ?

Payment method is critical in order to create custom extension for orders, or for Mobile APIs to get order detailed information in Magento. e.g. billing address, shipping address, payment mode and tracking details. We can easily get these required data… Continue Reading →

How to setup Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP

Are you new to Prestashop? Lets install Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP. Before you start installing Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP, you need to Install XAMPP on Windows Download Prestashop (Prestashop can be downloaded from here ) Prerequisites Web server:… Continue Reading →

How to create invoice in pending state and change state or capture payment later in Magento

By default in Magento if you create invoice of an order, it gets created in “complete” state. If you want to add an invoice in Magento and capture the payment later (online/offline), you can follow below steps. By this, invoices… Continue Reading →

Display custom Product Stock level in Magento storefront

It is very important to attract customers in your Magento website by showing products stocks. By the display of quantities, Customers are forced to place an order before product go out of stock and also Customers get to know the… Continue Reading →

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