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Related SKUs are not updating on import – Magento 2

Magento import/export is a extremely powerful tool, but fails sometime to update some of attributes. e.g. I got blank related skus while importing products in Magento 2.x. So, I thought to create an external script which will help me to… Continue Reading →

How to Enable gzip compression in XAMPP ?

Steps to Enable Open c:\xampp20\apache\conf\httpd.conf file. Find and uncomment following lines by removing “#”.

Add below content in end of file.

Save file and Restart apache. 🙂 Verify compression Now you can verify by running Audit or… Continue Reading →

How to install PHP Laravel on XAMPP?

If you are newbie in PHP Laravel and want to create some awesome project based on this beautiful PHP framework, lets install Laravel in XAMPP. It is incredibly easy to work with, customization and setup. It has got pre-built protection… Continue Reading →

How to create Custom Domain for XAMPP ?

XAMPP is open source web server used to create local server on windows machine. To access your projects you must have used URLs like http://localhost/magento19/ . Custom domains for XAMPP can be setup to access projects. So that whenever… Continue Reading →

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