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Read spreadsheets using PHPExcel library in Magento

PHPExcel is pretty much cool tool which provide classes to generate spreadsheets or excel sheets in your PHP projects. Unfortunately Magneto doesn’t support for .xls or .xlsx file types for import and export. It only supports .csv format, but working… Continue Reading →

Add same product as separate items in shopping cart

Cart item increases its quantity, when same product is added to cart again. But what if we need to add a custom option to cart item and show cart items in Shopping Cart separately. E.g. Customer needs to select Seller… Continue Reading →

Run Magento faster using REDIS cache

Redis is an open source, BSD licensed, advanced key-value store. It is also referred as a in-memory data structure that can optionally be used in Magento for back end and session storage. It supports data structures such as strings, lists,… Continue Reading →

How to get payment method used for order in Magento ?

Payment method is critical in order to create custom extension for orders, or for Mobile APIs to get order detailed information in Magento. e.g. billing address, shipping address, payment mode and tracking details. We can easily get these required data… Continue Reading →

Display custom Product Stock level in Magento storefront

It is very important to attract customers in your Magento website by showing products stocks. By the display of quantities, Customers are forced to place an order before product go out of stock and also Customers get to know the… Continue Reading →

How to upgrade Magento and its extensions ?

Upgrading Magento is a tricky one and while doing so you need to very be cautious. The most important thing you need to do to upgrade Magento is that before making any changes, take backup of everything as Upgrading Magento is vital both… Continue Reading →

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