Some Simple Tips and Tricks of Magento


September 2015

How to create custom log in Magento ?

By default Magento writes all logs in var/log/System.log almost all of the logs of Magento are being written in this file. So if you are creating a new extension and to debug some passing variables, you can create your own… Continue Reading →

How to get payment method used for order in Magento ?

Payment method is critical in order to create custom extension for orders, or for Mobile APIs to get order detailed information in Magento. e.g. billing address, shipping address, payment mode and tracking details. We can easily get these required data… Continue Reading →

How to setup Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP

Are you new to Prestashop? Lets install Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP. Before you start installing Prestashop on Windows with XAMPP, you need to Install XAMPP on Windows Download Prestashop (Prestashop can be downloaded from here ) Prerequisites Web server:… Continue Reading →

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