Some Simple Tips and Tricks of Magento


August 2015

How to create invoice in pending state and change state or capture payment later in Magento

By default in Magento if you create invoice of an order, it gets created in “complete” state. If you want to add an invoice in Magento and capture the payment later (online/offline), you can follow below steps. By this, invoices… Continue Reading →

Display custom Product Stock level in Magento storefront

It is very important to attract customers in your Magento website by showing products stocks. By the display of quantities, Customers are forced to place an order before product go out of stock and also Customers get to know the… Continue Reading →

How to upgrade Magento and its extensions ?

Upgrading Magento is a tricky one and while doing so you need to very be cautious. The most important thing you need to do to upgrade Magento is that before making any changes, take backup of everything as Upgrading Magento is vital both… Continue Reading →

How to hook a Magento event ?

Have you ever faced any business scenario where specific customers are needed to be tax free or when customer logins, customer should be redirected to specific pages or when a product is added or updated, a notification mail will be… Continue Reading →

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