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July 2014

Some error found on Magento API calls.

Procedure ‘getxList’ not present Reason – Wsdl.xml not valid, not exists. Check folder path Invalid api path Reason – Api.xml not valid or not exists or wrong method given. Resource path is not callable. Reason – No file exists in… Continue Reading →

How to install magento ?

below urls are absolutely excellent for beginners to install magento. 1) install Magento on localhost in your local computer 2) install Magento on any web server Hope these urls are useful to you. I’ll share some more… Continue Reading →

Product with the ‘magento-product’ url_key attribute already exists

Hi all, today i got this error while saving products price, special price and even in product update. After few hours of research I found a solution to it. This error generally found in Magento EE version. Solution

Update products stock directly in Magento database

Hi all, Today I got some issue while stock upload from ERP sytem to Magento. This process eat a lot of server resources as each product object loads and then “$product->save()” thing re-indexes each of attribute which is again slow as… Continue Reading →

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